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We have the experience to support a wide range of computing needs for your home or small business.

PC Repair/Malware Cleanup

There are few moving parts in modern computing devices, but that doesn’t really cover the kind of thing most people mean when they think of “repair” these days. While it may be the case that your computer needs a new fan or a replacement hard drive, more often, computers need to have software updated, malware cleaned up, and storage space reclaimed.

High Country Computing is expert at repair, maintenance, and optimization of your existing hardware.  We offer fantastic value at low cost with remote service available.

Data Recovery

If you bought a new computer and want files from your old one, or if your computer has become inoperable and you need data from it, we may be able to help! We can help with migrating data from one device to another, but hardware failures vary, so there’s no charge if the damage is beyond our reach. We can attempt remote diagnosis or come to you.

Network Wiring/Wi-Fi

Whether you need Ethernet cabling or Wi-Fi deployment, we have the tools and experience to do the job! Wi-Fi mesh networks, site-to-site hardware-based VPNs, patch panels – networking is among our specialties.

Cloud/Server Configuration

Dropbox, Azure, OneDrive, iDrive, Google Drive, AWS, etc., etc.! “Cloud” services are infrastructure, platforms, or software hosted by third-party providers and made available to users through the Internet. A “server” is a class of computer typically designed to fulfill “one-to-many” functions like shared file storage, web services, centralized user authentication, and so forth. High Country Computing has the skill to set up and maintain your cloud/server infrastructure.

Camera Systems

Security video is essential for many homes and businesses. Whether you want help installing and configuring “Ring” systems (or any other vendor!) or something more like a closed-circuit recording system, High Country Computing has you covered!

Firewalls & Family Safety

Essential home or business network protection begins with a firewall. Most Internet service providers supply their customers with an endpoint device with typical firewall capability. But suppose you want to filter sites or set time limits on Internet usage (or any of several additional “advanced” services or configuration), your own firewall device may be the answer.

Internet Infrastructure Solutions

From domain names to websites to personalized or professional e-mail, High Country Computing knows the “guts” of the Internet. We are at your service to assist with selecting providers and configuring infrastructure. Call or send an e-mail message and let us help you get the Internet working for you!


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